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Boomer Retirement is a Game Changer

Well those of you who were expecting to reach 65 and retire to the golf course or the beach, think and plan again. According to most reports, lots of things are now different for today’s pending retirees, and some of them are actually good. The best part is that  a “large[…]

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Ground Zero for Aging care

An article on AdAge Mobile  this past Sunday discussed the efforts underway in Louisville, Kentucky, to be the center for aging care services. Here is an excerpt: “Plenty of like-minded companies have already come. Louisville, best known for bourbon and the Kentucky Derby and as the birthplace of Muhammad Ali,[…]

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The Young and the Old Benefit Mutually

Mental, physical and spiritual sharing are components of a retirement community on Asbury~Solomons Island that  recently launched a tutoring program that matches seniors with public high school students at Calvert High School for cross-generational academic assistance and encouragement. Asbury-Solomons is a great example of a community that uses the media[…]

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Shaking that Oldie Booty

Who said that advertising a retirement home has to be photos of old people smiling and looking blissful and peaceful? One retirement home in Florida enlisted all their staff and residents to make a fun, engaging video of life at the facility. Wouldn’t you want to retire here? Westminster Shores, Florida Retirement[…]

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Nostalgia Invades Reality

Most people who know about or live with someone with Alzheimer’s know that living in the past is more comfortable. In fact, many Alzheimer’s sufferers desire to “go home” when “home” may be someplace where they grew up, or where they lived when they first married. One retirement home in[…]

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