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Ask questions before you assume you know how to deal with someone with a dementia.

One Size Does Not Fit All in Dementia Care

Just this past week I have had two inquiries from past acquaintances about decisions made for their mothers who have some form of dementia. Oddly enough (or not) both situations had progressed fairly far down the decision making process before consulting me. I liken this to buying anything, say a[…]

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Deliver excellence, personalized.

Bring Value to Your Client and Referral Relationships

What is the #1 best source of new home care and aging care business? Existing clients and existing referral sources! Are you “mining” that source as well as paying attention to all of the new potential clients and referral sources to buy your home care services? Check out these suggested[…]

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NEW marketing geriatric care management chapter is worth a horn toot.

Marketing Geriatric Care Management: I wrote the book!

Well, I wrote the CHAPTER IN the book, that is. The 4th edition of the Handbook of Geriatric Care Management was just published by Jones & Bartlett and the chapter on marketing geriatric care management was, once again, written by me. The first edition I wrote a chapter on the[…]

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Where do senior care buyers go when they need information?

The data is in from the latest surveys from actual caregivers. Where do they turn when they need information? By far, they turn to the internet to find answers to questions and to find out if resources are recommended by others. Only 17% said they go to trusted advisors.[…]

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Who benefits and who loses with new overtime ruling?

Minimum Wage and Overtime Ruled a Regulation for Home Care Agencies

Today the Supreme Court denied a requested Stay of the Court of Appeals ruling on the minimum wage and overtime regulations for home care workers. This means that if a home care agency has been using exemptions for minimum wage and overtime payments for employees who provide companionship services and[…]

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