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Mix up the ages of your playmates for some joy and longevity

Playfulness May Be One Key to Intellectual Longevity

Do you have grandkids or have exposure to those at differing ages and interests than you? Do you spend time each day in some kind of mental exposure to things outside work, or drudgery? Can you say that you enjoy life and have a smile on your face most times[…]

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We have the power to create our future in healthcare at home.


First you have to realize there is a problem. Then you have to accept the responsibility to do something about it. We all live in today and the near future, but, what if we looked ahead 10-15 years and imagined a life with altered outcomes because we aimed at making[…]

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Bergy Bits and Growlers Dot the Healthcare at Home Landscape

At this exact time of the year 4 years ago in 2012, I was sailing to Antarctica on a National Geographic Expedition with some folks from NOAA who were tagging killer whales. One of the many joys of that once-in-a-lifetime trip was getting to stand watch on the bridge while[…]

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Make a New Year’s Resolution for Truly Happier Holidays Next Year

Holiday times are notoriously and consistently difficult for families. For, so it seems, there are always those who wildly anticipate (and are surely to be disappointed at) events, and carry nostalgic memories of past celebrations that bring a false hope to the present. Those with the true spirit of the[…]

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Ask questions before you assume you know how to deal with someone with a dementia.

One Size Does Not Fit All in Dementia Care

Just this past week I have had two inquiries from past acquaintances about decisions made for their mothers who have some form of dementia. Oddly enough (or not) both situations had progressed fairly far down the decision making process before consulting me. I liken this to buying anything, say a[…]

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