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Everything you wondered about home care marketing & were afraid to ask!

Growing a home care agency is a busy, challenging task.  Many times agency owners have come from other industries or are simply focused on providing good care.  Marketing in the home care world is different. Period.  If you have questions about what it takes to succeed or are looking for[…]

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Happy New Year! Hopefully you and your family enjoyed happy holidays over the past two weeks. Take some time in January to look back and evaluate both the successes and the shortcomings your company experienced in 2009. Now’s the perfect time to stop, take stock and make adjustments so that[…]

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It’s a zhu out there.

First it was the Cabbage Patch Doll. Then Tickle-Me-Elmo and Furby. Now, hold on to your hat – and your small wood shavings – because this year the must have holiday toy that really rocks the worlds of retailers comes in the form of a tiny robotic hamster. Say hello[…]

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Count your blessings – and thank your clients

Well Thanksgiving is a week past, but still on my mind. Imagine for a moment that it’s 1621 and you’re a member of the Plymouth, Mass. Colony. Times have been hard, and food scarce. The wheat your ships brought over from England refuses to grow in this rocky soil. You[…]

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