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The Silver Bullet Exists

Everyone is always looking for that silver bullet. That one thing they could do differently, better, faster or cheaper to gain market share. And, sometimes it does appear that the silver bullet has been found, but, more than likely, it is simply the result of some good strategy and following[…]

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Survival of the fittest

Even though it is February and we are roaring into a week culminating with Valentine’s Day, I keep finding ideas that are exciting challenges to success in the future. Take these from Amy Casper who wrote them for Open Forum while she was lamenting on the woes of 2009: Some tips[…]

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A Fundamental Shift in Communication

More and more the statistics are pointing to a way to buy products and services that is consumer driven, not business driven. Understanding the strategy behind the glitz and glamor is the key. Understanding how to apply that strategy to your business is crucial. Yes, there is a shift in[…]

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What Our Clients Say…

One of the great things about today’s technology is testimonials don’t have to be in the written word anymore.  Thanks to my handy Flip camera (which I take with me everywhere) I am able to share with you what our clients think in a much more personal way.  See what[…]

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Put the Potato in the Front

Idaho Potatoes: Now how do you make that an exciting product to sell? How would you get folks energized about buying a potato? Well, perhaps social media and video are the answer. You tell me! See how it works? You actually WATCHED it, didn’t you? That is the essence of[…]

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