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Remember when?

Memory Test for Those Born Before 1955

  How about some fun for this Friday? And, a memory test for those of you who were born before 1955. Enjoy! What builds strong bodies 12 ways?   Flintstones vitamins The Buttmaster Spaghetti Wonder Bread Orange Juice Milk Cod Liver Oil   Before he was Muhammed Ali, he was…[…]

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Find a happy path for strolling along the avenue of aging.

Strolling (Not Alone) Down the Avenue of Aging

We all know that it takes a village to raise a child, and as it turns out, the village concept carries over really well into aging. We know that isolation has an enormous impact on the emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing of older adults, with the potential for such serious[…]

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Keep On Keeping On Works as a Motto for Aging

Beginnings and Endings

Classic fairytales have one thing in common: there’s a definite beginning (“Once upon a time…”) and a neatly wrapped up ending (“They lived happily ever after!”) Real life, however, is full of beginnings and endings and beginnings again, more cyclical and with less clearly defined boundaries. I’m especially pondering new[…]

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Living life with joy is freedom

In Honor of the Free Spirit in Us All

There’s an anticipated normal progression to life: We’re born. We grow up. We grow old. We die. And they say what’s really important is the “dash” – that “grow up and grow old” part of the equation that falls between our birth and our death, represented simply by the dash[…]

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Sibling fun

Brotherly Love

As the youngest child and the only girl, I had both the pleasure and the trauma of older brothers. My oldest brother, however, was ever the protector, ever the watchful, ever the wise as he assisted me in navigating early adolescence. You see, he left home when I was 12,[…]

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