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Let's Turn Healthcare Delivery and Receiving Upside Down

How Home Health Today Keeps Readmissions Away

It is, unfortunately, a common scenario. An older adult falls (as many as one-third to one-half of us, unfortunately, do; every 11 seconds, in fact). A fracture results, warranting a hospital visit followed by in-patient rehab in a Skilled Nursing Facility AKA SNF (40% of the time). The injured recovers[…]

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Given the unknown, choose home care when possible

To Stay Healthy (and alive) Longer, Avoid Hospitalization, if Possible

We’ve certainly come a long way from the pre-Florence Nightingale days, when one of the earliest hospitals, the Hotel-Dieu in Paris, offered dark, unsanitary, poorly ventilated wards, multiple patients per bed (many of whom were infectious), and a mortality rate of more than 40%. And yet, we’re still struggling with[…]

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10,000 Boomers turn 65 each DAY!

Help Me Understand This

Sometimes, when there’s a difficult concept to grasp or a difficult decision to be made, it helps to go back to the basics. Start with what you know. For many of us, particularly lifelong learners, and the young, a picture – or a hands-on experience – truly is worth a[…]

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Getting old or being disabled should not disqualify one for care.

The Bottom Line About Healthcare

There’s a time and a place to remain quiet. Schools now have mandatory silent sustained reading time, where students cannot speak but are engaged in the pages of a book for 20 minutes. Movie theaters warn us to silence our cell phones when it’s time for the show to begin.[…]

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