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Downsizing is Hard

The Journey from Supersized to Downsized

I recently took my staff on a virtual tour to let them experience firsthand the turmoil and chaos of my current undertaking: packing up two lifetimes of memorabilia, collectibles, and necessities from one home and moving it all 400 miles to my new residence. It’s not a pretty sight; in[…]

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Measure and do more of what works

Build Upon What Works

Choosing what rules to live by is a crucial part of one’s destiny. When values seem to be shifting, I hark back to a trip to South America where I was introduced to the Incan culture and was taken by the powerful but simple rules of that civilization. Incan rules:[…]

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Heading Full Steam Ahead or Coasting?

What Is Your Lifetime Achievement Goal?

Just thinking about “Lifetime Achievement” is a weighty subject. Recently my staff at corecubed nominated me for an award for Lifetime Achievement in Business. I was honored and humbled by their support and kind words of nomination, but it got me to thinking about achieving goals in a lifetime. When you[…]

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Thank God It’s Monday!

If you’re one who hits the snooze button multiple times, can only survive a Monday morning with strong coffee and the realization that you only need to get through 104 hours before the weekend comes again, I’ve got a revelation for you. Half a world away, in Stockholm, resides the[…]

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Too many of us means problems for the future

The Hurricane Harvey of Aging Care: Boomers

Call it the silver tsunami, the pig in the python, the aging of America…whatever you call it, we are unprepared for the needs it’s poised to present. And in the same way Harvey surprised a region with devastation so widespread that rescue and relief efforts are inadequate, our nation as[…]

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