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Working together makes it easier.

Establishing Unity is Key to Success in the Healthcare at Home Industry

What a privilege it is to be AT the table where strategy is created and implemented. And, what hope I now have for the future of healthcare at home after spending a day in DC with the leaders who have taken up the mantle to steer the healthcare at home industry.[…]

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Downsizing is Hard

The Journey from Supersized to Downsized

I recently took my staff on a virtual tour to let them experience firsthand the turmoil and chaos of my current undertaking: packing up two lifetimes of memorabilia, collectibles, and necessities from one home and moving it all 400 miles to my new residence. It’s not a pretty sight; in[…]

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Measure and do more of what works

Build Upon What Works

Choosing what rules to live by is a crucial part of one’s destiny. When values seem to be shifting, I hark back to a trip to South America where I was introduced to the Incan culture and was taken by the powerful but simple rules of that civilization. Incan rules:[…]

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Heading Full Steam Ahead or Coasting?

What Is Your Lifetime Achievement Goal?

Just thinking about “Lifetime Achievement” is a weighty subject. Recently my staff at corecubed nominated me for an award for Lifetime Achievement in Business. I was honored and humbled by their support and kind words of nomination, but it got me to thinking about achieving goals in a lifetime. When you[…]

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Thank God It’s Monday!

If you’re one who hits the snooze button multiple times, can only survive a Monday morning with strong coffee and the realization that you only need to get through 104 hours before the weekend comes again, I’ve got a revelation for you. Half a world away, in Stockholm, resides the[…]

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