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Social injustice issues and personal responsibility

Moving From Ally to Accomplice

  “An ally will mostly engage in activism by standing with an individual or group in a marginalized community. An accomplice will focus more on dismantling the structures that oppress that individual or group—and such work will be directed by the stakeholders in the marginalized group. Simply, ally work focuses[…]

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Gooble Gooble gone

I Miss My Turkey

What can YOU do that is positive and that can help us find our new normal? What can YOU do that will help others? What can YOU do today that will make life better today and into the future? I challenge you to take some time and quit thinking of how things used to be that you wish were that way again and envision a future that starts with today and is how things are now.

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40th Anniversary of Mt St Helens May 18, 2020

RIP Phyllis George Brown and Mount St. Helens

Phyllis George Brown was everyone’s Miss America, and she was adored in Kentucky where she advocated for the arts and women’s crafts that had a material value, thus bringing income to rural areas where previously there was only coal or farming. In the early 80’s I was in attendance at[…]

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