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Sticking with a Strategy is Key

Had a wonderful interactive webinar yesterday with a long term MOST client who has seen incredible growth in his business based on his strategy, his personalization, and his decision, based on money and results, to use corecubed’s MOST program as his basis for marketing his home care company. He has[…]

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Sharing Results When Marketing Home Care

Marketing is a lot about strategically communicating who you are, by words, by visuals and by actions. When you are building a business, there are some natural partners that are chosen as the business grows and prospers. In home care, there are many ways to go to market, but one[…]

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Making the Website Referral Form HIPAA Compliant

In the old days, accepting a referral over the Internet was considered OK. That was before the Internet became so widely used, and before the HITECH ammendment to HIPAA, which came out in 2009. Requirements for technology compliance are now specific. Whenever Private Health Information (PHI) is in play, the website[…]

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Enter iTunes for Health

WebMD was founded in 1998, and has served as a model for those searching for health care on the internet. Today WebMD will announce layoffs because how people are searching and finding information on the Internet is changing. Enter ShareCare, a social networking website that is aimed at consumers seeking[…]

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The Independent Contractor Question for In-home Care

Planning for 2014 and the employer mandate is something on the mind of many home care agency and franchise owners. Lately in the consulting side of my business, clients are more often looking for avenues to conduct in-home care businesses that are within the law, but less burdensome than they[…]

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