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If Reimbursing for Visits, a Business will Naturally Increase Visits

At a recent VNAA National Public Policy Leadership Conference, Jim Pyles, one of the proponents of the Independence at Home Project, said, “If you reimburse for visits, a business is going to push making more visits. If you reimburse for episodes, a business will naturally push for getting more episodes.”[…]

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To know home care is to love home care.

Anyone who has a frailty or an illness, an accident or an operation knows that it takes time to bounce back. And where better to bounce? Home! Studies prove that patients fare better in a familiar environment, and what is more familiar than home? Selling or marketing home care, is[…]

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Telehealth and Diabetic Retinopathy in Kentucky

Part 2 of my report on the Health Enterprises Network presentation last week is a focus on, if you can imagine it, perhaps telehealth can do it. Rob Sprang has been the director of Kentucky TeleCare at the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center since 1996, and program manager of the Kentucky TeleHealth[…]

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eHealth for Lifelong Wellness and Aging

Louisville is the world leader in lifelong wellness and aging care. So, it should be no surprise that the Health Enterprises Network here is active and engaged. On Friday May, 10th,  the topic was eHealth, and the setting as well as the information is noteworthy. Harshaw Trane hosted the event,[…]

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