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Need an engaging, educational and humorous speaker who is not only a pioneer in in-home care, but who understands the nuances of the aging of America? As a geriatric care manager for her first 17 years in the industry, Merrily continues to stay ahead of many curves, is considered a thought leader in the aging care and home care industry, and understands intrinsically how to provide private duty home care – home care services that allow aging-in-place (services for which one pays a fee).

For understanding how aging impacts a family, particularly the females, she tells it all.

When adding private pay services (retail, concierge home care services), she consults to make that effort successful. A consultation with Orsini can help organizations avoid mistakes made through the years by those who tried and failed (and did not seek wise counsel!).

For effectively marketing home care, there’s simply no one else in the home care marketing arena who can speak with the same level of industry marketing expertise as Merrily Orsini, MSSW. She understands the psychology of branding, the customer buying cycle and the chronic issues of aging that make for care needs.

Hiring Orsini to speak at your next home care conference, national franchise meeting, business summit, or interactive webinar means guaranteed enlightenment and audience engagement.

Merrily lives it. Living and experiencing the aging that she studied and practiced for so many years brings insights into all the things that no one talks about. With her finger on the pulse of home care industry trends, and a working knowledge of best practices, business strategy and services, Merrily packs real-world experience and depth into each of her speaking engagements. She has a wide range of topics on which she enjoys speaking. Click here to read Merrily’s CV.

Merrily inspires others. Her perception of the future and how an aging society will change life as we know it is unparalleled. Her humorous take on the issues surrounding aging are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise bleak environment. Her home care marketing presentations are delivered in an accessible, fresh format that will motivate, inspire and empower attendees.

Merrily knows the issues around aging. Working in aging care since 1981, and continuing her involvement in aging care and home care, she is an industry leader recognized on a national level for her expertise and insights.


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