I Miss My Turkey

A Turkey a day keeps the doctor away
Missing Turkey Alert!

I miss my turkey. Well, he really was not MY turkey, as he was wild. We never fed him. And, he did seem to prefer men, however. Mr. Heath, my wonderful husband, and Mr Turkey, or Gooble Gobble as the youngest grand named him, had a special relationship that consisted of morning chats and companionship whilst walking to and from the mailbox. My closest neighbor, Jerry Rogers, named him Jake and they used to sit a spell and commune with nature on a regular basis.

The folks across the street were afraid of him and always took a broom when venturing outside so as to keep him at bay. Neighborhood speculation is that it was his ornery side that led to his disappearance. Seems he had a tendency to flog those who he disliked. But, I must say the dislike and flogging were for good reason, in my opinion.

He was a very handsome fellow. Tall, shiny, and bronzed. And, he was curious. One sunny day in August last year I had a gathering of around 100 folks at my place in Asheville for a conference of the state home care association executive directors and the supporting healthcare at home industry. As if on cue, Gooble Gooble had to come over and see what was happening right at the height of the party. He seemed undaunted that there was a tent and lots of people where before had merely been a lawn. Needless to say he stole the show. The CEO of the sponsoring business still asks about the turkey when we talk to each other.

So, it is a rainy day here again, the 5th of 5. And I miss my turkey.

What I also miss is the normalcy of life that I fear will never return to that previously known normalcy. In a discussion with world arts organizations leaders this weekend on Zoom, I was struck with the attempt of most to find a way to return to normalcy. In my opinion, we have to create a new normal. At this time, although Asheville is “open”, I cannot imagine returning to dining out and traveling. I cannot imagine being in closed spaces with folks who may or may not have the capacity, known or unknown, to kill me with a hug or a cough or a conversation.

For one with a positive outlook, what can I do to assist in bringing a new normal to this crazy time? For one thing, I am lucky that corecubed has been working virtually for 22 years now. We created the model to allow me to work from wherever I was traveling, and for our employees to be able to work from their location of choice as well. And, it works. I am fascinated to see that some of the world’s largest businesses are now embracing that model, as, I feel they also understand that it will be a long time before we return to normal if we ever do. The new normal is one that we really do not know yet, as it will evolve as we traverse into this unknown world, cautiously, and with fear and longing both in our minds.

So, back to positive thoughts and how to be a productive person in a pandemic. Taking the knowledge that I have and the technology available to me, I have instituted weekly MeetUps focusing on art and artists and seeing if there is a way for artists to sell in a time of quarantine. And, guess what? People who have disposable income and who love art are still buying.

Professionally, I am continuing my Help Choose Home podcasts that explain care at home and how to access it and when it is appropriate and available. To my delight, unlike other industries, the healthcare at home industry IS forging ahead with protocols and safety measures and dedicated staff to keep those who need care at home, safely. The use of telehealth is spreading widely, and caring for others while keeping everyone safe has been the foundation for all.

What can YOU do that is positive and that can help us find our new normal? What can YOU do that will help others? What can YOU do today that will make life better today and into the future? I challenge you to take some time and quit thinking of how things used to be that you wish were that way again and envision a future that starts with today and is how things are now.

Build on what we know, and figure out a way to continue supporting yourself while also helping others. And, stay safe out there.