Strategy Planning for the Future of Healthcare at Home

So humbled and excited to be included as one of 25 industry participants in the first NAHC 2.0 Planning Session in New Orleans tomorrow and Wednesday. Lots of work has been done to date by a planning company, THRUUE, Inc., and current participants in the NAHC operation.

For many years I have been educating on healthcare at home and how we are going to meet the needs of our aging society as the boomers age. Home care is just one answer, but, it has so much more potential than has been realized.

Tomorrow and the next day it will be with thoughtful planning that we agree upon the strategy to get home care front and center when care choices are being made. Not only is home care the least costly alternative, in many cases, when it isĀ appropriate the comfort of home actually becomes restorative or recuperative.

This meeting is the first phase of the process. In April 100 industry participants get together and work on the final plan. It is an awesome task, and we, as a nation, should be grateful to the new leadership at NAHC for undertaking this process and for looking well into the future to make certain that there are choices for care when we all may need it.