Establishing Unity is Key to Success in the Healthcare at Home Industry

What a privilege it is to be AT the table where strategy is created and implemented. And, what hope I now have for the future of healthcare at home after spending a day in DC with the leaders who have taken up the mantle to steer the healthcare at home industry. Providers, vendors, payors, lobbyists, and associations, all together in one room, listening to each other and working together to solve the problems that an aging society with expanding care needs is creating now and is expected to create in the future.

The thing that struck me most was the listening. Polite listening. Both political parties were well represented. All kinds of home care models were represented. There was and is, unity in purpose: healthcare at home and how to make it better, to work with the regulators and legislators to understand it, and to communicate the benefits and values to the public, to the healthcare delivery systems partners, and to anyone who has a care need and wonders what to do.

As the boomers age, and as the lifespan lengthens, we are coming into an era that is unprecedented. The world has this issue, not just the United States. How do we care for those who need care when there are such scarcities: money, people, and systems.

Thank you to Axxess for sponsoring my participation in the Partnership for Medicaid Home-Based Care. Thanks to the leadership of this group, David Totaro from Bayada, Darby Anderson from Addus, Tim Rogers from the Council of State Home Care Associations, Sherl Brand from CareCentrix and Gale Bohling from ResCare.

We have lots of issues as an industry, but together we can solve them and provide a safety net for those who need care and want to go home with care.