Build Upon What Works

Choosing what rules to live by is a crucial part of one’s destiny. When values seem to be shifting, I hark back to a trip to South America where I was introduced to the Incan culture and was taken by the powerful but simple rules of that civilization.

Incan rules: Don’t lie. Don’t steal. Don’t be lazy.
Incan values: Knowledge. Love. Hard work.

If you think about it, these values and rules sort of encompass all other lists by all religions and cultures. And, not only did the Incans have their values and rules down to a science, their architecture and engineering feats are still revered.

Amazingly, the structures built by the Incans are still standing. Some were toppled by the invading Spanish conquistadors, and while modern churches were built on those foundations, they too have been felled several times with earth movement – leaving those same strong Incan foundations still standing, upon which the modern can be rebuilt.

The Incans’ architectural ingenuity extends to unexpectedly forward-thinking developments: sewers and city-wide water supplies are just a few of the incredible advances engineered by the Incans.

In these troubled times, the world would be a better place if we adopted the Incan values and the Incan rules. If we adopted Incan engineering and architectural rules, then earth movement would be just another event, and cities would not have to be rebuilt following quakes.

What is the message in this reverie? If it works, why break it? Just build on the strengths and adapt to new ideas. It really is not necessary to tear anything down to start over. Sometimes new things can come from using old foundations, or old structures, and building upon them.