Rejoice in Spontaneous Glorious Moments

Aging is full of many surprises, and many of them are not so pleasant. Things start to go wrong, they fall apart, they sag and drag and each day is full of surprises that have the potential to be unpleasant. However, the choice to be positive, to look at the wonders of living, and to find glorious moments amidst the humdrum of life, is your choice. A blooming amaryllis that spreads light and beauty in an otherwise dull area. The sound of rainfall that can lull one into a deep sleep. The full moon peeking over the horizon and becoming an orange sphere that announces fall is coming. The smell of freshly brewing coffee. The taste of a homegrown tomato picked directly from the vine.

The choice is yours to make. Looking for spontaneous glorious moments and rejoicing in them is one way to make each day a better day. Yes, there are always challenges, and barriers, and unpleasantries, but there are also an equal number of glorious moments. You just have to look for them. Look for something that inspires, is humorous, is beautiful, is touching, is comforting, and add those glorious moments to your day to make each and every day a day for rejoicing that you are still alive, still functioning, still loving, still learning, and are still worthy of living your life to its fullest.

Will you join me today in finding beauty in your surroundings? In finding meaning in the smiles and touches of loved ones? In learning something new and trying out new things? Let’s journey into the unknown realms of the aging body and mind together, and see if we can make the world a better place, even if that place is our little spot in it.