Three Key Stay-in-Touch Elements for Home Care Referral Partnerships

Following up on corecubed’s Building Referral Partnerships That Last webcast this week, I wanted to share the three most valuable ideas to keep in mind while building relationships. After you meet the people who are most likely to use your services or to refer to you, it is up to you to do the kinds of things necessary so they will remember you. A good brand is helpful as a first start so your communication is consistent.

The three most common elements to successful referral and relationship building are:

  • Focus on the right people – first identify those people who are most likely to use your services (preferably those people are ones you would also enjoy having as clients, and who just might use you for the services you most want to sell), and get to know them better;
  • Provide value – keep them informed about things that matter to them, like new developments in some aspect of service you are providing or stats on research into a common area you are following, or even information about known personal, common interests; and
  • Make it personal – send an e-mail only to that person, and add a personal note.  If you really want to impress, write a hand written note.

Keeping in touch is one basic component in the formula to build relationships, and that must be done one select person at a time. Leave the branding and value added handouts to corecubed, and let our experienced home care marketing team help you build referral relationships that last.

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