Seven Home Care Referral Marketing Habits Worth Adopting

Seven habits that win at home care marketing
Seven habits of highly successful home care marketers

Getting lots of inquiries about becoming a successful home care “marketer” (AKA home care salesperson). In thinking more about it, I find the best referral builders are also really successful rainmakers. The numbers speak for themselves in revenue and client census, if the agency is measuring. From my experience with agencies from all over the country, I find seven habits that make the best referral marketers.

These habits include:
1.) Treating current referral sources as if they are the most valuable asset of the agency;
2.) Creating and working a realistic plan with goals and objectives, that targets those most likely to be receptive to your services, and makes relationship development a priority;
3) Following up consistently, in person and through email and notes, and planning on at least five meetings to get the relationship and the referrals started;
4.) Listening at least 50% to 80% of the time to really learn what the referral source most needs and wants from you so you can provide just that;
5) Asking for the business when appropriate and asking for referrals to others
6) Creating a process for measuring for results which includes all of your activities, advances, and the time spent ;
7.) Periodically evaluating whether your approach is working over time, and changing the things that are not.

Sounds simple? You should try it! I remain constantly amazed at the number of businesses who either do not plan, or do not execute the plan. At the heart of every business success is a plan that takes into account what you are selling, to whom, and how best to reach those targets.

We are in an age where competition is increasing, and lots of equity capital is being thrown into home care. Keep your agency in the game by consulting with the aging care experts at corecubed and letting us help you a) know your targets, b) have the best branding possible for your market area and c) look professional and competent in all of your communications.

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