Contagious Optimism Essay For Your Enjoyment

Personal mastery is at the heart of success
Contagious Optimism has no boundaries

Headed to Las Vegas today to serve as faculty for the CAHSAH Management Certification Program for home care agencies. What a wonderful idea to actually get training to run a home care agency better, and to keep up with all the changes in the industry, regulations, and legislation, both pending and passed. Kudos to those who attend to gain a better understanding of how we can provide a better experience for clients.

Thinking of running a home care agency, however, makes me think of all the ways that can lead to success. Running a home care agency is one of the hardest jobs in the world. I speak from 17 years of engaged experience, so I am not speaking as a consultant without direct experience. First, the office is open 24/7/365. Second, the client is receiving and paying for a service that is basically unwanted by the client. It is usually a family member who arranges the care, and oftentime pays for it, instead of the client him or herself. Third, the family and the client are usually in highly emotionally charged situations. So, not much calm and unemotional communication when that phone rings. Fourth, the workforce is distributed and is working basically alone in an unsupervised environment. Fifth, it is incredibly hard to find and retain qualified caregivers. And, the workforce has the potential to have many problems that stem from lack of income and personal support.

Certainly running a home care agency is at the top of the responsibility chart as the charges for whom one cares are our frailest elders or those with health issues before their time. One must have a calling, or be on a mission, or be totally committed to the job and to success.

So much a part of being successful is enjoying what it is that you do. This brings me to thinking about lessons learned from a speaker I heard a few years ago, Simon T. Bailey, who writes on finding your brilliance. He has an essay on “Contagious Optimism” that really seems to make sense when looking at how to move forward in life and business, if you want to be successful. Some may fit as you try on how to make a better business, as we certainly need new ideas and new answers to old questions as we work on how best to care for the burgeoning aging population that is coming our way.

I am including it here for your enjoyment:

“Is there a better way to live and experience life to the fullest? Yes, and it’s called Contagious Optimism (C.O.). Individuals and businesses that subscribe to the C.O. mindset demonstrate the following behaviors:
When everyone is saying the same thing and moving in the same direction, the C.O. mindset says go the opposite direction.
When others are tip-toeing through the tulips of self-preservation and thinking ‘I need to be nice because I need this job or your business,’ the C.O. mindset says ‘let’s ruffle some feathers and shake up the establishment of comfort zone living.’
The C.O. mindset individual will raise their hand and ask the right question to get everyone in the room moving and thinking.
The C.O. mindset refuses to settle for business as usual.
The C.O. mindset will rewrite their job description.
The C.O. mindset organizations do not employ; they deploy people to release their brilliance.
The C.O. mindset infuses the organizational culture to rise to the occasion and seize the moment.
The C.O. mindset leaders don’t tell people what to do but invite them to become what they were meant to be.
The C.O. mindset realizes that every day you are adding a sentence to the story of your life. Today is the day to be the exclamation point.
The C.O. mindset individuals and leaders celebrate mistakes and reward failure.
The C.O. mindset individuals don’t work in departments but on teams.
The C.O. mindset people work to make meaning instead of just money.
The C.O. mindset people see themselves as the solution that they’ve been waiting for.
The C.O. mindset individuals are attractive people. Everyone wants to be around them and seeks their opinion.
The C.O. mindset people complete their work and then ask others if they need any help in completing their work.
The C.O. mindset people are the match that sets their life on fire. Others come from near and far to watch them burn.”

Simon says. “Release Your Brilliance and be Contagiously Optimistic!”

Orsini says, “Onward and Upward!”