Does Your Business Convey These 3 Identifiers of Excellent Branding?

Once again, I find myself amidst my wonderful home care friends (in Florida this time at HCAF Winter Gathering), and as usual, our discussions naturally turn to home care marketing. Through these discussions, I’m realizing that one aspect of marketing in particular – branding – is often misunderstood. And since branding is so crucial to any business’ success, I wanted to share three quick identifiers of stellar branding that, if done correctly for your agency, will enhance the level of trust and confidence in your agency’s ability to provide the type of care families are seeking for their loved ones.

Familiarity. “I’ll know it when I see it” is something that many people feel when they’re searching for something. It is not so much the familiarity with the specific brand in home care, but the familiarity with feeling comfortable, safe, secure and trusted. A well branded agency will keep the look and feel professional but exude emotion about caring for those over for whom they have charge. Professional design and consistency are key, and when consistently using a well-developed brand, the appeal to those seeking home care is greater.

Reputation. A good reputation is built by consistent acts of excellence. The agency may have the highest level of quality and the most caring team in place, but is this being conveyed through their brand? Reputation begins with the first meeting, whether online, in a supermarket, or at a networking luncheon, and there’s only one chance to make a memorable first impression. That will happen if you have a professional brand developed and instilled throughout all marketing channels.

Impact. To better understand the impact of branding, look at it from both the buyers’ and the sellers’ perspectives. From the buyer’s perspective, the brand reinforces what the buyer will get. It should speak quality, caring, empathy, and professionalism. Your agency is just one in a long list of possible home care choices. A good brand will help your agency stand out as one that needs more exploration, resulting in more people looking at you as an option for their care choice.

From the seller’s perspective, the brand should serve to educate the potential buyer and perhaps even reduce the impact of price on the purchasing decision. Overcoming price as an objection is huge in home care. If the agency can make price less of a decision breaker, the agency can provide excellent service and get reimbursed commensurately. Having a good brand will allow you to change what you need to charge to offer excellent service to your customers.

Since 1981 I have been in home care, either as a provider or as a consultant. Branding is a service corecubed offers, and we do it in a way that makes it easy for all. Then we help you introduce it to your staff and incorporate it into all that you do.

Want better results in 2016? Try rebranding and focusing on how to best market your home care agency for success.

If you want to discuss your agency and your agency’s branding needs, contact the marketing experts at corecubed. We certainly do know how to help you develop a brand platform and execute. Happy New Year!