Travel With Me to HCAF in Ft Lauderdale Jan 13th for a Psychological Journey with the Home Care Buyer

Learning can be fun. Join me at HCAF Jan 13th.
Have a little fun with me in Florida at HCAF!

Take a journey with me. Take a journey to a “journey”. Wed Jan 13th I will be in Ft Lauderdale for the HCAF Winter Gathering (Home Care Association of Florida) to speak on the journey of the home care buyer. Since my sole work in marketing is currently in the aging care services field, I totally understand how agencies should best be presenting their services to achieve results. 35 years of marketing home care and being involved in the industry gives me some clout when it comes to how to do it. Understanding the psychology and behavior that is inherent in the searching and purchasing process for in-home care makes educating a vital component of the content that is necessary for a potential client to find which agency is right for the problem their loved one or client is encountering. Using the various online opportunities to share this content reaps rewards, and not only grows the client base but helps to enhance the agency’s reputation among referral sources.

The journey of the buyer of home care services is just that, a journey. There is no one answer that fits each person, and no one solution. Home care is right for some and not right for others. The psychology behind that journey, however, when understood, makes deciding how to go to market a bit easier. Although each person has a different time frame and a different issue that he or she is trying to find some solution for, there are some commonalities, and understanding where a person is in her journey will help you discuss it, provide the right information and possibly get that in-home assessment that is so vital to the sales process.

There is much more to see and hear in Florida on Jan 13th, so why not make plans today to come to the HCAF Winter Gathering. You will be glad you did!