Providing Care at Home: Marketing with Visuals

Care at Home is the best care
Specializing in care at home is hard to represent visually

When I ran my elder care business, it was at a time that aging care at home was in its infancy. The numbers of people needing care were just starting to swell as life expectancy was starting to increase. The visual of hearts and homes were mainly in cross stitched grandmother made heirlooms, and those and rocking chairs symbolized care at home. Today, most home care agencies use some form of hearts and homes in their logos and visuals. However, we continue to strive to find ways to interest folks visually, and to bring some humor into an industry that really needs it at times.

Several years ago, we had a client whose business name was Care at Home, and his business provided mainly pediatric care. The first visual I had when he said “Care at Home” was a carrot home ala Beatrix Potter and the old children’s books illustrations. I thought it would be memorable and a way to showcase that the care was for children. In the process we developed a visual that I love. Even today, when I hear someone say “We provide care at home”, I think of Carrot Home. It still brings a smile to my face.

Granted that visual and the relationship to home care is a stretch, but, it is something that I think we should take advantage of more often, and that is humor in our daily lives. Running a home care agency is really one of the most difficult things I have done, but also, by far the most rewarding. We certainly get rewards from our clients’ successes, and we love partnering with and sharing the successes. However, ¬†occasionally we get the opportunity to really be creative and to add in some of our humor and perspective. It is those times that I love the most. In this holiday season we focus on being thankful and appreciative for those with whom we work, for whom we serve, and to whom we hold thanks and respect.

My wish for you who do not work with corecubed is that you will explore the incredible depth of talent we bring to the aging care space, and give us a chance in 2016 to partner with you to tell your story in a way that garners interest: verbally and visually and in multiple channels.

Happiest of holidays to you. Merry Christmas and  very Happy New Year. Blessings in whatever form you will receive them most gratefully are sent your way.

Let’s make 2016 the very best yet. Now, when you hear, “I provide care at home”, I challenge you NOT to think of Carrot Home and get a smile on your face.