Bring Value to Your Client and Referral Relationships

Deliver excellence, personalized.
Stand out from the crowd by being better!

What is the #1 best source of new home care and aging care business? Existing clients and existing referral sources! Are you “mining” that source as well as paying attention to all of the new potential clients and referral sources to buy your home care services? Check out these suggested tactics and rate yourself as to how you are faring in the value/price equation:

When you find articles or items of interest (make certain the item is specific to the interest of the client or referral source, not just a blanket distribution), send those along to your existing clients and referral sources as well.

Consider quoting or profiling referrals sources when you post blogs or write articles.Invite clients and referral sources to any community presentations, special events, or anything your agency sponsors.

Ask both clients and referral sources for testimonials, and make it easy for them. (Give them URLs to use for industry reviews, or help them set up a Google account so they can post a Google review.

Encourage feedback on services, and admit and correct any mistakes or missteps immediately.

Make your clients feel important and special. Send thank you notes, small gifts and give them the gift of your time as well.

Make your referral sources feel important and special. Follow through with information about the clients and patients they have referred to you.

Whenever possible give a “yes” answer and always sport a can-do attitude.

Refer back to your referral sources when appropriate. And let them know you made the referral in case that person never calls.

Write personal thank you notes. Nothing says “thank you” like a personal note handwritten. Old fashioned? Yes, but appreciated.

Some say loyalty is built on the value/price equation. That equation roughly states, “A client will stay loyal to you as long as he/she perceives the value of the services he/she receives to be greater than the fee he/she pays.”  Communicating often to your clients and referral sources is one key to keeping top of  mind and to making that special feeling grow.

corecubed is well known for our implementation of ongoing communication tactics that build value. We focus on providing helpful resources to those who seek home care, and we educate about the home centered care industry. Attend one of our on-site presentations or check out our online library of past webinars to gain knowledge of how we provide value to our treasured clients.