Where do senior care buyers go when they need information?

Marketing moments are not limited with mobile access.
Going mobile is the key to being found for care.

The data is in from the latest Caring.com surveys from actual caregivers. Where do they turn when they need information? By far, they turn to the internet to find answers to questions and to find out if resources are recommended by others.

Only 17% said they go to trusted advisors. 29% use review sites and 27% said they go to the business website. Click here if you want to views the presentation on the latest survey results. They are eye opening and should be a game changer to a business if digital marketing, full of content and engaging tactics are not in the marketing plan and being implemented appropriately.

Couple this with the latest marketing information on mobile usage, and, as a business owner, what should be the #1 priority for marketing? The agency website! That, coupled with ongoing educational content and correct usage of social media, should form the basis for marketing.

Networking in the community should be a close second, and that networking can be supplemented by correct website and social media design and consistent usage. Publicize the events attended. Take photos and share on social media. Post information whenever possible that extends the agency brand, shows involvement in the community, and showcases the good work the agency is doing.

Just a quick reminder, that, no matter what changes are going on legislatively or with regulatory changes, the agency still has to maintain market share and be visible.

And, where do smart senior care providers go when they need to boost their online presence? Why, to corecubed, of course. Give us a shout either online or on the phone and we promise you will not be disappointed. Afterall, we know senior buyer behavior like the back of our hand, and we would love to help.