Marketing Geriatric Care Management: I wrote the book!

NEW marketing geriatric care management chapter is worth a horn toot.
Tooting my own horn over a new chapter just published on marketing geriatric care management.

Well, I wrote the CHAPTER IN the book, that is. The 4th edition of the Handbook of Geriatric Care Management was just published by Jones & Bartlett and the chapter on marketing geriatric care management was, once again, written by me. The first edition I wrote a chapter on the future of the aging care industry, and the next three editions I have written how to market a geriatric care management business.

How to add geriatric care management to a home care business is probably the number one question I get when I speak around the country. The coordination component is one key to aging in place safely. Understanding the implications of the variety of factors that cause someone to need care allows for wise counsel when deciding on where the best place to age in place is.

So, yes, I am tooting my own horn on this one, but it is a horn worth tooting. An investment in a textbook that explains all the intricate parts to a geriatric care management business is a wise investment. The future of our home care industry will be heavy with need for those who understand all the moving parts, the silos of service, the chronic disease variations and what is needed to have safe and effective care at home, wherever home is.

So, when you have any question about who is the best at marketing aging care services, find the answer with my team corecubed, and let us discuss  with you how we can best take your idea or business to market for best results.