Consult the Home Care Marketing Experts at the 2015 HCAOA Leadership Conference

Home Care Marketing ExpertsThe biggest piece of advice that writers get is, “Write what you know.” While this advice can be debated in the fiction world (How many sci-fi writers have actually been to space or even worked for NASA?) the advice certainly holds true for non-fiction writers and bloggers. When you write what you know, you write with more confidence and authority because you bring a level of expertise to your content.

This advice can, and should, be applied to marketing as well. Marketing what you know means that you can approach clients and their campaigns with a level of knowledge that other marketers simply cannot. Marketing home care is very different from other types of marketing for two very important reasons:

  • It’s a service that people don’t pay attention to until there is a specific need. (Mom fell while at home alone and couldn’t get up or call for help all day.)
  • It is often an emotionally driven service with a lot of trust inherently built into it. (I feel guilty for not caring for my mother myself. How can I know that the caregiver from your agency is trustworthy?)

Because marketing home care is so different from marketing other products and services, having someone in your corner who understands the differences and knows how to approach them in a way that gets results is vastly important.

Know Your Customer

Not only is it important for your marketing firm to understand your industry, it’s also essential that they know how your potential clients tick. What goes on inside their minds when they search for and decide on home care services?

In the world of home care, customers are, as we said previously, facing new and emotional circumstances. Adult children who are looking for care for an aging parent often feel guilty for not being able to provide full time care themselves. They are stressed and searching for someone they can trust to help. In order to convince your target audience that your agency is the right choice, you need to make a connection with them by providing the answers they seek, the expertise they crave, and/or the identification of better solutions for their unique situation. And, the more professional your agency looks on the outside (i.e. your website, your brochures, your social media presence, etc.) the more at ease they feel with you.

At corecubed, we made the decision to focus all of our talents and energy on helping the aging care industry market more effectively because we have the experience and expertise, and we recognized the need so many agencies have for a marketing partner who has an in-depth knowledge of their industry.

At next week’s HCAOA Leadership Conference we’ll be showcasing that expertise and we hope you’ll join us!

On September 29th at 9:00 AM, I will be presenting “The Psychology of Home Care Buyers & Referrers: Why Content Marketing Works Wonders” in which we will cover how the psychological buying path of a person seeking in-home care services for a loved one is far different than the psychology of someone wanting to purchase dry cleaning, window washing, landscaping, and so on. I’ll also also discuss the different psychological processes at play for those professionals who refer in-home care services to their clients.

To learn more about my presentation and other offerings at this year’s conference, take a look at HCAOA’s online brochure.

I hope to see you in Washington, DC next week! Be on the lookout for the corecubed team while you’re there (wearing all purple, of course) and make sure to come say hi!