Hitting the Bullseye with Home Care Marketing

Add GenX into your marketing mix for home care
Targeting GenX is a winning strategy for home care

In archery, hitting the bullseye means to shoot the arrow at the center of the target (getting you the most points). The circles outside the center score you points, too, but they don’t get you to the winning spot as quickly as when you hit the bullseye. Outside of archery, hitting the bullseye means to get right to the point. So let me get right to the point about your target audience.

When setting strategy for home care marketing, it is important to understand that potential clients come from a variety of places. The outer circles are referrals from other healthcare organizations or professionals, such as hospitals, hospice programs, other agencies that cannot staff the request, case managers and trust officers or accountants (to name a few). The inner circles are either relationship-based referral sources, or pro-active adult children or spouses, looking for care for a family member, a spouse, or other loved ones. The center mark remains that responsible adult child, which statistics show make up the majority of caregivers in this country. In fact, the typical caregiver in the United States is a woman, age 49 on average, according to the latest research from the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP.

In setting strategy for marketing home care, there’s always a lot of talk about attracting Baby Boomers who are quickly becoming the generation in need of home care services for themselves as well as their parents. But when it comes to the typical caregiver I already mentioned, the generation we should also be focusing on is Gen X, those people born between 1965 to 1980, which would make them anywhere from 35 to 50 years old.

The Gen X adult child is one target on which most of the marketing strategies—website, social media, content, etc.—should be centered, or at least primarily focused to attract the most caregivers who are looking for home care assistance. Interestingly, though, several articles and studies in the last few years say that Gen X is one group, caught between the hip and happening Millenials and the always present Baby Boomers, that gets left out of marketing discussions. The forgotten middle child.

The Pew Research Center has some interesting demographics on how Gen X is stuck in the middle, and not liking it. Insurance giant MetLife published a financial study of Gen X in 2013 The MetLife Study of Gen X: The MTV Generation Moves Into Mid-Life. The MetLife study is interesting in the details it provides on their saving and spending habits and plans for their own future, retirement, and aging.

At corecubed, we understand that the adult child is your primary B2C target audience (referrals sources as a target goes without saying). We differentiate our social media strategies to appeal and attract Gen X. We haven’t forgotten about this important demographic at all. For us, engaging Gen X means we’ve hit the bullseye.

Later this morning, July 7th at noon Eastern time, Marissa Snook, corecubed’s managing director, and a Gen Xer herself, will host the webinar, “What Is the Best Approach to Marketing Home Care in Today’s Crowded Market?” We hope you’ll join her and us to find out how to get your marketing to stand out, to zero in on the right client targets. After the webcast, we hope you’ll be ready to shout “Bullseye!”

If you miss the webinar today, you can always access it either on www.corecubed.com/events or on the www.MOSTforYourMarketing.com website. You will be glad you did!