Good Content Makes the Best Digital Marketing

Starting with good ingredients makes everything better.
The better the content, the better the results!

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.

You probably remember this rhyme from a grammar lesson in elementary school, or maybe you’ve heard it as part of a motivational speech or church sermon (the quote has been attributed to various people over the ages, including St. Jerome, and has been used by numerous motivational speakers).

I like this rhyme for two reasons. When you think about it, it’s what those in the home care business strive for every day. Turning the good done every day into making life better for clients and their family resulting in the best home care experience and outcome for all during what’s often a very difficult time. When it comes to marketing your home care business, I also find this chant works well when trying to remember that good content leads to a better understanding of the home care services your business provides and ultimately creates the best digital marketing to engage not only current clients, but new ones as well.

In a recent Content Marketing Trends Survey by Ascend2, the results showed that 89 percent of companies using content marketing say it’s either “very successful” or “successful” in generating leads and improving customer engagement. The survey also provides a handy graph comparing what survey participants said were the most effective types of content with what was the most difficult to create.

Articles topped the list as the most effective type of content (54%), followed by videos (46%) and infographics (43%). Press releases were considered the least effective content (10%). In home care, most people, whether potential clients, their family or referral sources, are looking for answers to problems and questions they have. The road in front of them is not clear, and that is why content marketing works so well for this market. The content, however, has to be informative, compassionate, and compelling. And, because home care is not a one size fits all issue, whatever the issue that concerns the searcher, that is what content they will read and respond well to.

The Content Marketing Institute ran a great piece recently on The Five Pillars of Content Marketing that’s required reading to understand the value of good content marketing, and just how difficult it is to create it, (and why you’ll want to leave it up to experts-like us!). #1 is “Understand your audience”. That is where most folks fail. the audience for home care is generally NOT the person needing care. It can be varied, from the adult child to the referral source, so the content needs to reflect those different audiences. #2 is “Map the content to the sales cycle”. If you do not understand the sales cycle, then I suggest that you attend our webinar that is scheduled for this week, Wednesday, June 24th.  corecubed will be hosting a FREE webinar, from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. EDT, How Social Signals Increase Authority for Your Website.

In searching for home care and elder care, finding a resource online (digital marketing) has taken the #1 spot. Our social signals webinar is a great opportunity to learn more about what authority means, and how you can use social media as one digital marketing tool that will send current and potential clients to your agency to inquire about your home care services. I hope you’ll join us, so we can help you go from good, to better, to best.