When “Notorious” is a Good Thing

There is no question that notorious can be noted for good.
Do not question being notorious if it means known for good work.

Normally, being called notorious means you’ve done something wrong. Recently, corecubed received a client inquiry who said we are “notorious in our niche” for supporting and marketing quality in home care. I’ll take that “notorious” as a compliment.

To survive in the future in home care, quality is the key. And that necessity for quality spans the spectrum from operations to direct care, and specifically includes specially trained caregivers, specially trained care planners, and specially trained marketers who understand the buying process and meet the potential buyer where he or she is in the cycle, whether an adult child or a referral source.

For home care especially, education is key to marketing since the adult child searcher (and oftentimes the referral sources) usually does not really know what they need or what the future holds. Those looking for a homecare agency or provider want the assurance of quality home care for their loved one. Quality care, and marketing that quality care effectively and efficiently, is what will help your homecare business stand out from an incredibly crowded (and becoming ever more so) field.

According to the latest figures from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), in 2010 there were more than 10,800 Medicare-certified home health agencies throughout the United States. In that same year, nearly 3.5 million beneficiaries were served, and more than 122.5 million home care visits were made. There are no accurate statistics for home care that is not regulated, home care for which one pays a fee. Estimates by the Home Care Association of America place the number of private pay home care agencies at somewhere between 8-10 thousand.

The CMS website says it emphasizes quality care for all Medicare recipients, and uses the following criteria to determine quality: effectiveness, efficiency, equity, patient-centeredness, timeliness, and safety.

At corecubed, we’ve long emphasized these same quality parameters in positioning our home care clients and in creating strategy to market our homecare clients to their clients. We work with homecare clients to support their efforts at maintaining and improving quality standards, and articulating those standards via various social media marketing tools.

corecubed also keeps up with the latest homecare and hospice studies, through participation in organizations such as the Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) and the American Society on Aging we further enhance our expertise to the homecare and aging care business clients we serve.

We also keep up with the latest issues on healthy and productive aging, from top research organizations such as The Institute for the Future of Aging Services. And I frequently attend and speak before industry leaders and organizations, including HCAOA’s annual meeting and exposition and the annual Aging in America conference hosted by the American Society on Aging. Again, all in an effort to help you better help your clients. For many years I have also spoken at state home care association conferences (this year in Pennsylvania and upcoming in Florida), and attended many others where I have not spoken, just attended for the industry contacts and information they present.

Our amazing staff at corecubed doesn’t rest on its laurels: We all actively pursue the latest in what it means to produce quality and deliver quality. Our exclusive Most For Your Marketing program was created specifically to market home care, and has helped agencies in 35 states grow successfully, with remarkable results. There’s no other program like it anywhere.

So if all of this makes us “notorious,” then put corecubed at the top of your “Most Wanted” list of homecare marketing agencies. Contact us today to find out how we can make notorious work for you.