The More You Know About Aging…

Understanding aging is a must
Are you ready for the onslaught of elders?

If you are in the homecare, healthcare, and aging services field, consider this a public service announcement you can’t afford to ignore.

The more you know about aging—the related physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial issues—the better you can run your business and serve your clients. As we prepare for a growing number of Americans entering retirement age—those Baby Boomers will swell the ranks soon—we need to develop a broader understanding of the impact an aging society has on all businesses, products, and services.

And there’s no better place to learn about it all than at upcoming American Society of Aging’s 2015 Aging in America Conference in Chicago, March 23-27. I encourage you to make the time to attend, either this year, or to mark your calendar for next year’s conference. It’s not too late to register and you can register on site. You don’t have to be an ASA member to attend (though I encourage that, too) but members do receive a discounted rate.

Along with Sam Smith from AXXESS, I’ll present a session exploring some of these issues in depth and look at the future of home care in America and what we, as a nation, are doing about it or should be doing about it. I’m particularly excited about this year’s opening session featuring a presentation, “Maturity Re-imagined” presented by Ken Dychtwald, PhD, President and CEO, Age Wave and Chair-Elect, ASA Board of Directors.

Conferences such as these help our industry prepare for an aging and changing future. Even if you know how to run your homecare business now, do you know what you’ll need 5, 10, 20 years from now to be successful and to address the needs of those folks that may differ from your clients of today?

The ASA conference brings together top industry thought leaders to address these and other pertinent questions:
What problems are happening in our field today that we need to address?
What are the future trends that will affect our industry?
How can we take advantage of opportunities to best serve our clients?

I always find that even for those of us who keep abreast of these topics on a daily basis, there’s always something new to learn from not only the conference presentations themselves, but also from networking with other conference participants, sharing ideas and battle plans.
That’s why each year I attend numerous conferences in the aging care and related fields, and why you should, too.

Today’s seniors aren’t yesterday’s seniors and they won’t be tomorrow’s. The more you know and keep learning about aging and homecare services, the more you’ll be able to adapt to this dynamic demographic that continues to grow and change. Staying stagnant means becoming yesterday’s news.

Our experts at corecubed specialize in aging care marketing. We can help your homecare and aging services business stay current and at the forefront of our field. We can help identify and bridge your knowledge gaps and provide an action plan for addressing the issues your business faces now, and in the future. We can help you know more and do more. To learn more about our various marketing services, contact us today.

Public service announcement complete. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.