The Top 3 Ways to Can Spam

Avoid spam in your home care marketing emailsMuch like its mysterious meat product namesake, spam in the Internet world contains a lot of unknowns – and can be pretty unpalatable, too, particularly when your beautifully written and designed digital marketing communications are blocked from your target audience.

Maneuvering around spam filters is a complicated and ever-evolving science, but there are several steps you can take to ensure your message gets through:

Avoid Spam Trigger Words in Your Subject Line: While the list of potential spam-triggering words is exhaustive, scanning through this list provided by HubSpot and steering clear of these words and phrases is a good starting place.

Adhere to CAN-SPAM Act Requirements: This set of rules relates to all commercial email, and includes:

  • Using accurate header information
  • A subject line that matches the content of your message
  • Identifying an ad as an ad
  • Including a physical address
  • Providing an opt-out option
  • Honoring opt-out requests promptly

Avoid These Common Mistakes: MailChimp has compiled a list of spam-triggering errors, including:

  • Too many exclamation points in text
  • Using all caps or bright red or green fonts
  • Sloppy coding
  • Sending just an image with little or no text
  • Bad content

Clearly, getting your message through to those who need to hear it is no easy feat. And even if it does get through, is your audience receptive to what you have to say?

Keeping your finger on the pulse of your campaigns by reviewing your post campaign analytics is crucial to providing your readers with content that resonates with them. By paying attention to what article topics are most popular in terms of click-throughs and open rates, you can plan future content accordingly.

At corecubed, we recently analyzed results of our home care industry enewsletters – one of the most popular items offered through our MOST marketing program – to discover the topics and types of content that are of greatest interest. Not surprisingly, anything related to Alzheimer’s tops the list of content that captures interest, followed by articles related to caring for an aging parent.

corecubed is committed to producing high quality aging care content and visuals that get through and get results. From SEO-friendly blogs and enewsletters to social media content, website copy, brochures, and more, call on corecubed’s aging care experts for all of your marketing needs. Spam-free.