Aging Life Care Professionals: Do You Need One?

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Just finished writing my chapter for the latest addition of The Handbook of Geriatric Care Management published by Jones & Bartlett, and compiled by editor Cathy Jo Cress. As I was almost finished writing, I found out that the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers had decided, after careful marketing study, to change the name from Geriatric Care management to Aging Life Care. The professionals who provide this service will be known as Aging life Care Professionals, rather than Geriatric Care Managers. What do YOU think about this change?

What I think is that geriatric care management (aging life care) is a service that can work in tandem with home care to allow a person to stay at home, if desired, longer. Actually, it is completely possible to stay at home from frailty to the grave, and with an Aging Life Care Professional in the mix, the patient/client becomes the focus. The patient’s/client’s family is considered when working on a plan of care, as well as the ability to pay for services, the informal and formal support systems in place, and the community’s ability to offer some assistance when different services are needed.

Does this start to sound familiar? All the things that an Aging Life Care Professional does, are the exact same things that all the Transitions to Care folks are trying to learn. You see, the Aging life Care Professional first looks to the client and the client’s care team to make recommendations as to what kind of care is needed, and for how long. How to pay for that care is also considered, as well as who should be providing it. Communicating among professionals is a given, and keeping all in the loop is an expectation.

Because of the numbers of those aging, it is important that we get this right. In 2012 there were 39 million people over 65, and in 2014 there are 43 million, In fact, 10,000 people are turning 65 each day. Now, turning that magic age does not mean that care is immediately needed. In fact, most care is not needed until a person reaches 80. So, that means that, when the first boomers reach 80 in 2026, the onslaught for care will begin. Understanding what aging means in terms of frailty, functionality, and needs is at the heart of the aging life care profession.
Marketing has changed in the last several years, and, because of technology it is changing more. Marketing aging care is now, more than ever before, about being where someone seeking care is looking. And, furthermore, it is about having the right information when the person seeking care finds you.

And, since geriatric care management has been around since 1987 or so, and it is still confusing to many professionals, perhaps a name change is, indeed, in order. Perhaps an Aging life Care Professional is a more palatable name for someone who needs to be included in the care team. Whatever the name, the services and the business name must be communicated to a willing and receptive audience.

As the author of the marketing chapter in this important revised text book, my chapter covers:
· Marketing services to the aging population who need care
· Creating a solid marketing strategy that works for the person providing the service, and for their location and the mix of entities that are trying to find solutions
· Developing a strategic marketing plan
· Developing a brand that works in the new technology age
· Targeting marketing message to the right audience
· Setting aging care life professionals apart from the competition
· Using new technology and digital media as a core component to reach those who have a need
· Using education on issues related to aging to reach those in the first phase of the buying cycle

You do not have to wait and read the book, however. You can get some of that information now by just contacting us. If you are interested in having a team with in-depth aging care experience working with you or your business to better reach a senior care market, the experts at corecubed know how to do it. Just contact us and we will gladly assist you in better targeting your campaigns, branding your business for success, and communicating with those who make decisions.