One Thing is for Certain: CHANGE! That’s How You Spell “The Future” in Home Health

New England Home Healthcare ConsortiumBy 2029 (the next 15 years), there will be 71 million baby boomers over age 65, an increase of around 73% from today’s numbers. More and more physicians and hospitals are awakening to the fact that, not only do patients want their healthcare in the home, but home care is significantly less costly than hospital care and oftentimes care provided by a skilled nursing facility.

One study conducted by the Milken Institute projects a 42 percent increase in cases of the seven major chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, pulmonary conditions, and mental disorders) by 2023. The time to discuss the future of home health care is now.

Please join me at this year’s New England Home Healthcare Consortium in Uncasville, CT where you’ll learn how to nurture, market, and grow your home care agency, while facing the challenges and changes of our industry.

My session, The Future of Home Health, will take place on Monday, November 10th at 11 a.m. This session will be a visionary overview of the dynamic forces that are changing the healthcare landscape in the United States, from the perspective of the home health industry. The Future of Home Health is an ongoing project sanctioned by the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation of Washington, DC, and involves the National Research Council, Institute of Medicine, and thought leaders nationwide. AXXESS is a primary sponsor of this incredibly important project, and some insights from the recent 2-day workshop held in DC will be reported. The presentation will focus on technology developments expected to have a direct impact on home healthcare services, policy changes needed to accomplish care for the growing number of seniors in our country, and some results from the innovation projects that are now in their 3rd year.

Please join me for this unique opportunity to stay informed and current in an evolving, dynamic industry.

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