Home Care at the Table, Finally, in Future of Home Health Discussions


institute of Medicine Holds DC Workshop on Home Health
IOM and AAHQI hold workshop in DC on Future of Home Health

Why has home care not been included in so many of the new initiatives created by the ACA? Some say it is the lack of national unified leadership, and that there is no one coordinated voice for home care that speaks for our industry. The many factions at the national level represent only their constituents’ interests, and have not (until now) rallied together to try and impact how home care can be a true player in the health care delivery system. September 30 and October 1, the Institute of Medicine is holding a two day workshop, free and open to the public, but prior registration is required.

This workshop is an offshoot of the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation, a group spearheaded by Dr. Steven Landers, who is now with the VNA Health Group. Some might remember him from his Cleveland Clinic days when he was active with the Private Duty Homecare Association and received a prestigious award from NAHC.

The agenda is almost final. Online signups are open now. Not on your agenda? It would be a wise use of your time, as some of the leaders, the true leaders in home care, are either speaking or leading panel discussions. And the gambit ranges from home care to home health care to telehealth to insurance to CMS. It really is an open forum for the future of home health, and it is exciting. Also, the education process to move home care into the forefront when decisions are being made as to how care is best provided is crucial.

Without a unified message and lobby, home care has been relegated to only 4% of the Medicare spent on health care. Since it is the choice of 99% of those people who are asked about where they would like to recuperate or where they would like to go after hospitalization, and it is the lowest cost alternative, home care should have a more powerful role in the ACA.

Below are the stated workshop objectives for the September 30 and October 1 workshop:

· Provide an overview of the current state of home health care.
· Examine the particular role of Medicare-certified home health agencies in achieving the triple
aim: to improve the quality of patient care, improve population health, and reduce costs.
· Explore how to integrate home health care into the future health care marketplace.
· Discuss how to facilitate the future role of home health care (e.g., workforce, technology,
infrastructure, policy reform).
· Highlight research priorities to help clarify the value of home health care.

This study is sponsored by AXXESS, and they are a proponent of making home care the preferred choice of those who need care some time in their lives.

For more information on the future of home  health project, click here.

Get involved in shaping the future of home care in America.