Traveling to Texas to Talk About Ingredients for Success

Texas Home Care Association Annual MeetingWell, Howdy, Partners in Home Care! I am beyond delighted to announce that I have been asked to present two educational sessions for the 45th Annual Meeting of the Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice (TAHC&H) that will take place next month in San Antonio. The theme for this year’s meeting and conference is “Home Care and Hospice: Ingredients for Success.” (Notice those hot peppers on the meeting graphic? Those undoubtedly represent the passion it takes to run a successful aging care services business.) On Wednesday, August 20th, I will be speaking about two topics that are near and dear to my heart and absolutely essential ingredients for any aging care services business to succeed in today’s challenging new marketplace. The session descriptions are listed below:

Marketing Aging Care in this Mobile Device Era

Remember when the best we had in our lead generation tool box was the  Yellow Pages? Those days are LONG gone. If potential customers can’t find your business in an Internet search, chances are good they won’t find you at all. Searching the Internet is the number one way aging services providers get found today. What does all of this mean? It means your company needs to have a strategic plan for making sure your website gets found when customers are searching. This presentation will focus on the essentials of digital marketing strategy, including, but not limited to search engine optimization (SEO), blogging and authorship, social media, email marketing, and creating systems that reach out to both the consumer and referral partners in real time and on the go. Mobile devices have created even a more important role for the agency website: calls to action and inquiry that funnel the interested person into the site for more action steps. Bonus? Physicians are adapting mobile devices at an even greater rate than other professionals!

Make It Meaningful: Mutual and Active Engagement in Care

As aging care providers in pursuit of providing the best “care” we often overlook providing active engagement with clients. In so doing, we sacrifice the greatest care need of all – having meaning in one’s life. Today there are a host of tools, kits, resources, and technologies that help caregivers make meaningful use of time with clients. Putting these into action can help create better client and family satisfaction, as seen in this video from the Music and Memory organization’s Alive Inside documentary, premiering this month. These tactics also can be used in marketing, since a top concern of adult children is that caregivers will spend time watching TV or otherwise disregarding their parent when not performing necessary tasks. You can learn to gauge client special interests, match activities to interests, and create activities designed to actively engage clients in meaningful ways. A variety of conventional, innovative, and technological engagement tools will be discussed.
In any aging care business, the key ingredients for success are marketing your services through the right channels to reach the right audiences, and delivering the best quality services to your clients so that they are well-served, satisfied, and say wonderful things about your company to others. It will be invigorating to speak about aging care service from both the marketing and operational perspectives while in Texas next month. I can’t wait!

To reach out to me about marketing your aging care services business, or if yours is a business that interacts with the aging care services industry and you’d like some industry insider advice on marketing, email me or call 1-800-370-6580.