To know home care is to love home care.

SEO is based on relevant content
Engagement and content are crucial to getting SEO results

Anyone who has a frailty or an illness, an accident or an operation knows that it takes time to bounce back. And where better to bounce? Home! Studies prove that patients fare better in a familiar environment, and what is more familiar than home? Selling or marketing home care, is really just educating and explaining about it, how it can be used, who pays for it, and the benefits it brings to those who partake of the services.

That is the easy part about marketing home care. The hard part is getting heard above the noise, getting found on the internet, having someone call and experience a great, informational and helpful call about the problem being experienced. The psychology behind marketing home care is really about being where those searching for answers will find your agency. But, don’t a variety of people go about finding the answers in a variety of ways? YES! However, with a good strategy, and a good integration of marketing efforts, the coverage for places where people are looking can be accomplished.

SEO is front and center for any strategy to get found where people are looking. For, no matter the age, the economic group, location, using the internet to find answers to problems is a growing trend. That trend is replacing any traditional source, and, that trend is getting stronger. The Internet is getting stronger as well. Social media engagement is indexed for search engines. Reviews of services are proliferating. Media all have a presence on the Internet and in social media In short, there are many ways that information can be used, can be spread across channels, and can help someone looking for services to find what they need.

At the heart of this is a solid strategy that works towards getting your services showcased across multiple channels so that your agency will be found when someone looking for care is seeking answers.

At the heart of this is a good website. corecubed was recently recognized as a top web design firm in Louisville. however, it is more than just the design of a website that makes is one of the stops along the continuum of getting found when people are searching for answers for home care. It is how the site is designed: is it clean, easy to navigate, easy to inquiry about service, HIPAA compliant? Are the terms used those that a user would find understandable and are those terms what a user, a user without knowledge of the industry, would enter into a search engine?

The recent Home Care Pulse 2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study ranked SEO as the #1 method that agencies say they get referrals. This means that the results from a strategy to be found are working. SEO, however, is changing, and it is changing rapidly. Join us for a free webinar on June 11th to find out what your agency can do to get found, and how you can start a strategy that uses SEO as one of the guides as to how y our agency should go to market.

corecubed has been focusing on getting home care agencies recognized in a crowded market since 1998. We know home care. We know how to get found. It is up to your agency to have a good inquiry process in place, perform a good in-home assessment and make the right match between caregiver and client.

Call us at corecubed, email us, or go online and submit an inquiry. You will be glad you did.