Top 5 Reasons Consumers Choose a Home Care Company

Marketing a Good Reputation Spreads the Word
Two of the Top 5 Reasons Consumers Choose Home Care Agencies are Directly Related to Marketing

Ever wonder if data can prove that marketing works? Well, wonder no more, as the 2014 Private Duty Home Care Benchmarking Report has the data to prove that good marketing works. Not only is SEO listed as the #1 way that consumers find agencies, but the top 5 reasons consumers choose a home care company lists reputation as #1. And, how does an agency get a good reputation? By providing good service, yes, but, also by telling others about it! And, that is what is at the heart of marketing- telling others about it.

Exuding quality from service provision to all the agency does is the key to a good reputation. And, telling others about it means constantly reaffirming the quality service provided by the agency. In 2007, corecubed created an ongoing marketing program that we call MOST. It is specific to the home care industry, and the agencies that use it experience growth from a variety of reasons. The main one, is that, you can have the best service in the world, but, if you do not tell others about it, then you are missing out on growth, good reputation, and the opportunities afforded by marketing directly to the consumer who is looking for home care.

A reputation is built on branding. Branding is more than just a logo and a tagline, it is how the consumer perceives the agency. And, that perception is a long and consistent communication effort that has one goal in mind: get your agency top of mind and make that image and feeling one of quality, helpfulness, and service extraordinaire. Actually, the other top ways that consumers choose home care can also directly relate to marketing. Referrals from family and friends occur because of good service, but they also occur because you are asking them to make those referrals. That ask can come in many forms, but ongoing communication that reminds them to tell others will increase the likelihood that they do actually do that.

Take a good look at our MOST Program. Watch the video. Take a look at some of the materials we provide. Listen to satisfied agency owners who would not even think of going elsewhere for their marketing needs. Those are the successful ones, and the ones that do, in fact, have a good reputation, are recommended by family and friends, have a good referral source referral campaign in place, and implement ongoing, monthly strategic marketing to consumers.