SEO #1 for Home Care Marketing Results

Benchmarking study identiefes SEO as #1
SEO Ranks at #1 for Home Care Marketing

The results are finally in! The 2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study is out, and the #1 consumer marketing source is SEO. It is no secret to us here at corecubed as we have known for years that people seeking home care are looking on the internet. Also, it has been a longstanding practice to keep ahead of the game for our clients. It all starts with a good website design, but that is just the start. The real work comes in consistently adding relevant content, being active on social media, blogging, and engaging with others in the industry.

We also have a secret ingredient, in case you are inteersted. We created our MOST Program in 2007 because we knew how a home care agency should go to market, but, as marketers, we also knew that to do what was necessary it would cost too much. So, we responded by developing a turn key drip marketing program, and we have expanded that program greatly since its inception. It is geographically limited, meaning that we do not offer more than an area can safely use. We do not want referral sources to get the same material from competing agencies.

Today we are holding a webinar to showcase the MOST Program, and, how fortunate for us, that those clients who use the program, all have websites that rank high on search engines because they have consistently used relevant content, been engaging with clients, adult children and referral sources, and keep their information current and recent!

Want to sign up for Marketing Home Care You Have to See to Believe? You will find this, and other valuable information on how to go to market for your home care agency on corecubed‘s main site, or on our MOST for Your Marketing site. Won’t you join us and start on the path to becoming a great home care agency?