The Future of Aging from the Experts

The Future of Aging from the Experts
American Society on Aging Panel of Experts on the Future of Aging

The American society on Aging celebrated its 60th birthday this year in San Diego, and part of that celebration was getting insight from the true leaders in the field of aging.

There were presentations covering a vast array of areas that are tangential or instrumental to aging. Now, however, the best session on the future of aging is available to view online. This discussion is a panel of experts in the field, and includes Joseph Coughlin, PhD, Director, AgeLab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ken Dychtwald, PhD, President and CEO, Age Wave; Jo Ann Jenkins, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, AARP; and Fernando Torres-Gil, PhD,Professor, UCLA School of Public Affairs is available for your viewing and learning pleasure.

Click this link and be in for a treat:

There is no other conference that is so broad in scope, and so targeted to the future that we all are facing. Ken Dychtwald has been preaching the effects of the impending AgeWave for decades. Attending the American Society on Aging conference is one of my favorite things to do, as I get insight into technology, demographics, politics, social policy, trends, new ideas and a host of other benefits.

Yesterday at Rotary, Chris Tobbe spoke on Kentucky Fried Pensions.  It turns out that Kentucky’s employment retirement system is 50th in the nation for being underfunded, and this is a direct result of the AgeWave and no one preparing for it. My point is that the issues we are currently facing from Medicare overage and impending cuts, to medicaid and its projected cost, our retirement systems…all of these impending issues had plenty of warning prior to our immediate crisis. So, pay attention to the video and what out futurists say, and start to think about what you can do today to make a difference in how we respond to our current problems and how we plan to make life better in the future. Afte rall, we are all aging, and we will all bear the brunt of non-action.

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