Aging Society Is Aging

In 2014 American Society on Aging is 60
American Society on Aging is 60 in 2014

The American Society on Aging turns 60 this year. Celebrating that milestone, and continuing the education and policy making that has been so important for those 6 decades, the American Society on Aging is having its annual conference in San Diego this week. There is no other organization or conference that takes the long range, high level view that ASA does. Here, one can find research, advocates, policy makers, philanthropists, educators, students, and those of age who want to be a viable part of how society solves its problems.

Much more than just home care, the ASA conference spans all kinds of possibilities for aging: in place, in any place, with anyone, in any way. The issues, you see, of a society, remain as that society ages, but we assume that there will need to be different and better solutions as things change.

So what is going to change? A reverence and respect for elders, is a main theme here. Our society needs to find a way to make the older population a viable part of the fabric of society, and not just a retired, and wasted group. The needs of communities, non-profits, programs….all need assistance implementing and sustaining programs. What better source for talent, wisdom, and energy than the recently retired workforce, with lots to offer and no place to go.

Another theme here is that the boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, are not accepting retirement and rules that others have not questioned. This cohort of folks were brought up in a time where authority was questioned, where the norm changed, where nothing traditional was respected for its tradition. That force, en mass, is one with which the nation has to deal, and the ASA is looking for ways to take the number and make them relevant.

How exciting to be among a mixed group of interested, educated, driven professionals who are looking for a better way to engage our citizens as we move into this Age Wave.

Keep posted for ways that I see we can translate what I am learning into a communicated and orchestrated path that I will suggest for my clients. This is the perfect way to mix marketing and trend setting. Fasten your seat belts!