Three Key Elements for Achieving Top of Mind

Marketing communications is about showing up and being in the present
You must show up to get noticed

A client this week asked me how his agency can achieve becoming  “Top of Mind”. Don’t you love these simple sounding questions that have complex answers? Complicated by the fact that “Top of Mind’ is so much harder to achieve in today’s marketing environment than previously. However, it is possible. It is doable. It is achievable.

Keeping in touch with potential clients and those who can refer prospects is the very essence of networking, whether in person and face-to-face or online and person-to-person.  And, we all know that networking is the number one way agencies build brand and good will. However, it is not just random networking that will achieve Top of Mind. After you meet or connect with the people who are likely to use your services, or make referrals, it is up to you to do the kinds of things necessary so they will remember you. And, there is an entire other component to Top of Mind that involves branding and differentiation, so the information you are sharing, leaving behind, sending via email, or just passing along extends the agency brand, and increases the potential for achieving Top of Mind.

Three common elements that can help you achieve Top of Mind:

  • Focus on the right target(s) – identify who  is most likely to us or refer your services  and communicate with them, whether you know them or not;
  • Provide value – keep all possible potential clients and referral sources informed  about things that matter to them, like new developments in technology that make staying at home easier, or ways to provide in-home care that are aimed directly at better communication or services to a targeted segment, like the Alzheimer’s patient
  • Make it personal – with today’s technology, you can target an individual, even with a mass email. You can answer an inquiry specifically aimed at the inquirer’s needs. You can “remember” family or business events and milestones, and recognize those.

Showing up is half the battle. And showing up, means getting there, responding, being active and present. The idea of achieving Top of Mind means the agency has to keep in touch and build relationships. Those relationships are built one person at a time.

Communicating regularly is really the key. When that communication is targeted, branded and relevant, then you are on the road to achieving Top of Mind.

corecubed can help. We are experts at home care marketing, and communicating. We know branding, and strategy. Call us. You will be glad you did.