Participate in the 2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study

corecubed is proud to partner with Home Care Pulse for the 2014 Benchmarking Study
Private Duty Benchmarking Study for 2014

There is so little information on the private pay industry in America because it is largely unregulated, and it varies widely from state to state. February 1st  is the opening date for participation in this 5th annual study, largest (and only really) national study of private pay home care. corecubed, in partnership with Home Care Pulse, invites your agency to participate this year by taking the 2014 Survey during the month of February.

Hundreds of home care businesses participate throughout America each year. It’s sponsored annually by Home Care Pulse and the Home Care Associations of America (HCAOA). Since we estimate there are upwards of 15,000 agencies, it would be great to up this participation number. I personally use this study in consultation with home care agencies across America because it provides standards against which to measure success.

To get the most out of the results, it takes some planning and preparation so numbers are accurate. Each agency should prepare for the survey, by visiting before February 1. Download the 2014 Prep Worksheet, which will give you a full preview of the survey questions and help you prepare your responses. With your completed Prep Worksheet, you’ll be able to take the online survey in less than 15 minutes, when it opens in February.

Immediately after you complete the 2014 Survey this February, you’ll receive your 2014 Personalized Report. This free report provides you with powerful key performance indicators for your business, including information on profit & loss, sales close ratios, caregiver turnover, referral growth, complete survey responses and much more! You’ll be able to compare your results to the latest industry benchmarks when the full survey results are published in the “2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study” this April.

Plan to participate and prepare now! The 2014 Survey opens on Saturday, February 1st. Visit to download the Prep Worksheet and learn more about the benefits of participating in the 2014 Survey.