Keeping up with the times is a differentiator for home care agencies. Are you keeping up?

Stuck in the past?
Are you ready for the future?

Ever wondered why some agencies are successful and others are not? All you have to do is take a look at their ideas and relationship to two things: quality and communication.

The home care agency of the future is going to be all about quality. For it is reaching for quality as a component of the operations of the agency that will make it achieve quality. Then, communicating that quality in a variety of ways: branding, media, events, education, networking.

Tomorrow the 2014 Home Care Pulse Benchmarking study opens. Why are we partnering with Aaron Marcum and his team to offer the study?  Why are we such proponents of participation in the study? It is because an agency that measures results knows what to change, and can use that measurement to track changes. Otherwise, it is all guess work.

And, what does the benchmark study say about successful agencies, the MOST successful agencies? They embrace marketing. In fact, on average, the leaders in home care spend 3.4% of their revenue on marketing. The successful agencies know that it is only by a) having a marketing strategy and b) implementing it and c) tracking for results that they will continue their growth. And, committing resources to marketing is essential for success.

So, are you ready to participate in the study? If not, there are easy instructions as to what data your agency needs to collect to participate, and that will make completing the study easier.

Are you ready for marketing? corecubed’s MOST Program is simply the best marketing program in the industry. There is nothing like it, and, if you have not heard about it nor experienced it, join us this upcoming Wednesday for a look at it. I will discuss the strategy behind it and Marissa Snook, MOST Program Administrator, will take you inside the web based portal where you can access the world’s best home care marketing collateral and community educational materials.

So, do not be stuck in the past. Get ready for the future and participate in the study and check out MOST.