Attracting Longer Term Higher Paying Clients

Focus on Profitability is Topic for Webinar January 16, 2014
corecubed and HCAOA webinar Jan 16, 2014

Profitability is the key to success for any business, and sometimes higher revenue or more billable hours does not translate into profitability. In home care, for instance, if increased billable hours are short term with high staff turnover, the hours become not profitable. One strategy for success in home care is to reach for the higher level clientele.

Join Marissa Snook, MOST Program Administrator and me in a Home Care Association of America sponsored webinar today as we discuss how providing a high quality service, and marketing it as such, allows the capacity to really focus on the longer term, higher paying clients that need a lot of support to stay at home from frailty to the grave.

You will find out what it takes to actually focus on quality and the provision of a higher level of service, and how to market that. In order to reach the higher level of clientele, agencies must position themselves as experts in the field, and have every marketing communication emanate quality.

In today’s webinar you will learn the correlations between offering a higher level of service and:

a) how your agency is branded
b) how and what you use for education for referral sources and families
c) how your agency is positioned
d) how your agency goes to market.

The strategy behind this specific home care model benefits both the agency, because it’s more profitable, and also the clientele, because the agency can better support them in their desire to remain at home.

There is still time to register for today’s corecubed and HCAOA webinar at 3 PM Eastern time. Won’t you join us?