Sticking with a Strategy is Key

Strategic marketing opens the door to success
Picking the right strategy and following is is one key to success

Had a wonderful interactive webinar yesterday with a long term MOST client who has seen incredible growth in his business based on his strategy, his personalization, and his decision, based on money and results, to use corecubed’s MOST program as his basis for marketing his home care company. He has a strategy that he reviews annually, and each year he sticks with that year’s strategy, measures for success and then does more of what works in the next year while trying some new things.

Seems simple? Right?

Wrong for many.  Right for a few. Most of our established and successful clients do understand that. However, only about 1 out of 10 new clients do. The other 9 out of 10 new clients a) really have no strategy that they follow and b) want a silver bullet to solve their business issues. And, they come to us with a poorly run organization and want us to market a service for them that is marginal at best. Marketing can generate interest and get the phone to ring, but the agency has to follow through with a good intake process, and then a good ongoing service that meets the clients needs.

Back to strategy. What are some strategies?

The best at what you offer priced to be the best.

The lowest priced, but dangerous in home care as quality is so very important in unsupervised home situations.

Specialists in some aspect of your service.

Focused on some aspect of referral sources: home health agencies with no private duty arm, the hospitals and their readmission rate targets, geriatric chronic issues and those who service those.

A helpful resource when someone needs care.

An expert in home care and/or aging and chronic issues of aging.

Fortunately, the MOST program does accommodate any strategy, and is priced to be affordable. To paraphrase our client, how could a home care agency ever match the price we charge for monthly newsletters, press releases, educational powerpoints, recruitment material, sales collateral? Why, creating one newsletter would cost an agency at least what they pay us for the one we create for MOST, and why spend your valuable internal time on that when you could be a) building relationships, b) getting in front of new prospects and c) performing in-home assessments or monitoring visits.

And, it was very interesting to hear how he has used our program over time. Since 2007 he has used the program monthly for changing needs to implement his strategy. He started with our suggestion of a monthly theme, and, using a different theme each month, he has grown his online and in-house resources. He now has PPTS, press releases, banners on his website, resource links and downloadable resource sheets on his website, a complete collection of ads for selling and recruiting, ongoing SEO implementation and blog writing. In essence, whenever he needs anything related to marketing, he comes to us, and, if we do not have it designed so we can tweak it, we create something new. His ideas are usually good, so others in the MOST program benefit as well.