As happy as a dead pig in the sunshine

Targeted marketing means understanding your target
Speak the language of your target when marketing

Live in the South? Then you will know that when a pig dies in the sty, the skin dries out, and the lips curl back revealing a fabulous “smile”. A great article in Business Insider today showcases Southern sayings gives some insight into some of the most widely used Southern sayings. So, if you are marketing home care in the South, it might be good to know and understand what some of these are. The same is true if you are marketing home care services in Manhattan. There are certainly verbal and customary differences even among the Burroughs. Religious differences also call upon a different approach and an understanding of how to approach a prospect.

Marketing is, at its heart, finding a way to generate interest from people who might need your services. Once  you have figured out a way to GET their interest, then you have the job of selling to them. Before selling, usually there is a building relationship component, then the sales, and then the keeping the relationship alive component.

Having a marketing strategy that is flexible enough to bend with the target, and change to fit the target is really the key. And, in this age of inbound marketing, it is getting their interest in the first place that will then lead to sales. You want the sun to come up just to hear you crow. You want your marketing message to be succinct, interesting, inviting and engaging. You want your visuals to catch the eye, and keep the target reading or exploring. You want action to occur after the first interaction.

How do you do that? First, start with a strategy that is targeted. Secondly, start with a plan that allows for diversification in message and visual. Third, measure results so you know what is working, and keep doing more of that while tweaking what is not working so well.

If you are in home care and you have not taken a look at our turnkey home care marketing program then you need to do so now. MOST for your marketing is a membership program that is geared to those agencies that provide a quality service, but need to spread that word. MOST for your marketing is based on a strategy of getting the long term, high hour clients that are the most profitable. MOST for your marketing positions your agency as the expert in care, and educates about those issues that arise when care is needed.

You can take a personal tour, see a sales video that more clearly defines the process, or attend our next sales webinar. We will also be glad to talk with you about it, and see if your agency meets the criteria for membership, and if it is right for you.

Not interested? Then, Bless Your Heart anyway! We probably would balk at trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.