The Changing Players in Healthcare

Acquisitions in health care continue
Changing Players in Healthcare. Who’s next?

Lexmark, known for printers, has just entered into the health care field in a large way. They just announced the acquisition of ¬†“PACSGEAR, a leading provider of connectivity solutions for healthcare providers to capture, manage and share medical images and related documents and integrate them with existing picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and electronic medical records (EMR) systems. ”

The field is a changing one, for certain. The advent of technology, and the recent push to use it in healthcare so the transitions from hospital to home are smoother, is also changing the players. “Capturing and processing digital content” simply means making the information usable across platforms and businesses.

How do these larger changes affect home care and aging care services?  Only the future will answer that for certain, but, for now, one can be assured that many are currently looking for ways to get some market share in the aging care market, and health care is the largest expenditure and growing.