Sharing Results When Marketing Home Care

Managing and scheduling reflect a good home care agency
Marketing Home Care using Results from Efficiency

Marketing is a lot about strategically communicating who you are, by words, by visuals and by actions. When you are building a business, there are some natural partners that are chosen as the business grows and prospers. In home care, there are many ways to go to market, but one way is to use the results of your efficient and well run operation and turn that into marketing power.

Do you staff consistently? Do you guarantee that shifts will be filled? Are all the caregivers up to date on their inoculations? How often do caregivers not show up for jobs? How do you prevent a frail elderly person from being alone when the family thinks your agency is covering the time with their loved one?

These kinds of operational results can be turned into marketing messages, both as a way to extend the quality brand, and to differential the agency from competitors. It is this kind of operational efficiency that having a business management and scheduling software tool helps to achieve.

Join Rick Morey, President of HomeTrak, as he joins me for a webinar tomorrow at noon eastern time, for a discussion about the unlikely ways the home care agency can showcase quality through efficient operations. He will also discuss how to use contact information stored in a scheduling program to directly enhance marketing efforts.

If the home care scheduling and business management software has a data base built in that allows for adding additional fields, and for reporting on those, then it is possible to use it for direct marketing. Collecting data on who is referring, how often and how much revenue is generated by that source are just some of the benefits of a good scheduling, business management software for home care agencies.

The message is not always one directly related to sales. In home care, which is definitely marketed differently from other products and services, it is sometimes about the service, the quality of caregivers hired, the management of the care team, and the responsiveness of the agency to the requests of the client.

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