“Flying Blind” in the New SEO World

Google changes make SEO strategy difficult
The new SEO Rules are Like Flying Blind

Want to know how you are ranking on search terms organically on Google? Well, so do we! Google has just taken a radical step and is now not publishing the information, provided for free for so long, about specific key words that searchers use to find a site. If you want to pay, then you can find out, but only with AdWords, the Google Pay Per Click service.

Almost all search activity on Google will be completely anonymous, according to Business Insider. What it really means is that search has become private, unless you pay for it. If you pay for it, then  you can get data, but the organic searches, which account for more than half of Internet searches, have gone dark. Interestingly enough, what Google seems to be doing is to thwart the gray and black hat tactics of those who would want to rank without the effort of a) building a relevant site, b) keeping the content unique and updated and c) working social media to engage users.

A data apocalypse, is what AdAge calls it. It is certainly harder to have things taken away than to never know what having them means. There will still be data, but, the user just has to access it differently, and pay.

Fortunately for our clients, we have practiced white hat tactics from the get go, and our marketing strategy at corecubed is specifically geared around educating, informing, alerting and engaging users who suddenly find themselves in need of some aging care services.

Check out MOST for your Marketing if you have doubts. And, see you on page one of the search results! Regardless of what algorithm is being used at the moment.