Everything You Need is Inside

One of the credos of Jelly Helms
From Jelly Helms work philosophy

Attended an incredible, life altering lecture today by David “Jelly” Helm at the Cressman Center in downtown Louisville. This is U of L’s homecoming weekend, and, in addition to celebrating sports, the university also celebrates successful alumni. Jelly Helm was the College of Arts and Sciences honoree, and, as such, he has to share some of his wisdom with the masses.

First off, he is really an incredible story teller. He has the uncanny ability to thread his stories together with words and visuals that build and then crescendo. His enthusiasm for life and work is contagious. There were several takeaways from today’s lecture, and I will share but a random sample.

His 2 main goals in life: to be the best that you can be, each day (an active goal) and to be a vessel of love (a passive goal).

His work philosophy: share a vision and work to communicate that vision. Be true to who you are at all times.

Working partnerships: he shared a photo of two grown men in bed at a Nike meeting. Seems that the agency and the folks from Nike were at a bit of an impasse, and in order to get them all to work together, the agency literally changed the conference room into one big bed and covered it in all the Nike work ever done. Then, they had to literally get in bed together to work it out. Results? Jelly still has their business.

Take a minute to watch this Nike courage video and get inspired today, yourself.